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Queen - the Crown Jewels
I'm sorry...

....but it's not my fault!

Amici, purtroppo il mio computer ha avuto gravissimi inconvenienti in questi mesi e non ho potuto lavorarvici, ve ne sarete accorti. Prima salta l'Hard Disk, poi la scheda madre...una congiura!
Sono costretto ad acquistarne uno nuovo, ma ovviamente non siamo in Giappone (?) e i pc non crescono sugli alberi, quindi dovrò rimboccarmi le maniche - per non dire altro - e racimolare parecchi dindi.
In compenso posso dirvi che avrò a disposizione circa 2000 foto e tantissimi altri mp3, ma c'è ancora parecchio da attendere temo...
Restate comunque sintonizzati, non finisce qui!!!

Hey pals,
unfortunately my pc brokedown, looks rather obvious, uh?!
It had lotta technical probs and now all I really should do is buy a new - and better - one. I once had an AMD K6 - 2  500 which is undoubtely jurassic and I suppose this is one of the reasons it gave me so much pain at my chest in the past months.
At the moment, I don't have a job...so I have to wait for some money to get my new pc. I'm really sorry for the inconveniences this pause brings...I really love working at this site but in the last year it's been VERY difficult for those hated technical reasons.
Hope you'll still keep in touch, Nothin' could gettin' me and "CrownJewels" down unless I let them...I got 2000 new Queen pics and hundreds of new material (mp3 1st of all).
So this could be a nice part of the deal, right? Just be patient...